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About YNW Melly

Florida-born vocalist and rapper YNW Melly (b. Jamell Demons) is winning over new listeners daily with his spirited rap storytelling, eccentric personality, and paradoxical approach. The 19-year-old recording artist, who recently relocated to Miami from his hometown of Gifford, first discovered a penchant for turning the adversity he faced into compelling songs at the age of 15, drawing from his own experiences to be both a voice for others and build his own empire. 

While first exploring his talents as a naturally gifted vocalist and promising songwriter in middle school, his determination to persevere was later put to the test when he was incarcerated for his involvement in a shooting at age 16. While serving time on a weapons charge, Melly decided to not only get his G.E.D. but to dial down on his passion for music, going on to commit to his craft with a newfound focus. During his time behind bars, Melly experienced his first taste of success, with his song "Murder On My Mind" putting some serious streaming numbers on the board. The breakout single, which helped build his fan base and put him on the radar of industry taste makers, also came with some unfortunate consequences, catching the attention of a prosecuting attorney who read the song's descriptively violent lyrics aloud in court in an unfortunately successful attempt to the aspiring rapper back in jail for violating his probation, among other petty infractions.